Anthony’s NutraBio Pre Cherry Limeade Review

Always love receiving these “Lab Sample” tubs from the boys over at Nutrabio. Big thanks to @Kon_Rock for the hookup!

This is mainly a flavor review, so I will just briefly touch on the effects:
Energy: I consider this a “mid-tier” stim product for myself, since it’s not containing exotics or Yohimbe, and has the dose of theanine. This means that no matter what, it’s perfect for the occasion for getting me ready to go. NB Pre has always been my tried and true caffeine-only kind of pre. The citrulline, agmatine, and nitrosigine synergize so well for a nasty pump. It is just such a well balanced blend that, if someone told me I can only use one preworkout ever again, it would be this (or the Extreme version). Such a great formula.

As for taste, another amazing job. Just like the EAA’s, it’s a nice flow of cherry, followed by a limeade chaser. I will stay 100% honest and say something about the EAA version was slightly better. Perhaps it was because it was more of me sipping intra workout compared to downing this in about a 5 minute span. Regardless, it was still an amazing flavor. I’m debating on whether this is in competition with blue raz as my favorite pre flavor, it’s certainly a competitor! As always, awesome job with full disclosure and NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS. It’s beet root and beta carotene here folks.

Overall, it’s NutraBio quality. Simple as that. Awesome formula, great taste. Now, what are the chances of some sort of lemonade IntraBlast flavor in the future? I’m a sucker for lemonades (I should really give their raspberry lemonade pre a try)

Thanks again @Kon_Rock for the opportunity! Keep doing great things over there


Yeah buddy!

I’m glad you enjoyed it and it’s in your top two :wink: favorite flavors.

Yeah I love that raspberry lemonade flavor too and would be a great addition to Intra Blast

Hit me up about Raspberry Lemonade PRE :slight_smile:


Great Review! thanks for highlighting not just the flavor but the profile as well. I think you’ll enjoy some of the flavors coming, but definitely check out the raspberry lemonade now

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