Anthony’s FullBlitz Review

Anthony’s FullBlitz Review

A big shoutout to @TheSolution for hooking me up here to try this out. I was a huge fan of VasoBlitz, but I also like my stims, so this product seemed like a great choice for me. Here’s my initial thoughts:

Taste: I have Grape Bubblegum flavor, and to be honest, I didn’t expect much of it, since I hadn’t tried anything similar to this before. But, I was definitely pleasantly surprised by the mild, yet delicious taste that it had to offer. I mixed mine in 10oz of water for 2 scoops (full serving) and the flavor was certainly prominent, but not overpowering. The grape bubblegum reminded me of all the packs of grape Big League chew gum I would go through as a kid playing baseball. I put this flavor slightly above their blue raz that I had for vasoblitz, meaning that BFF is 2/2 with me on flavors

Mixability: Two scoops in 10oz of water in a shaker cup. Couple shakes, and downed it all fairly quick. Minimal settling. Overall mixability is impeccable.

As for the formula, VasoBlitz was the first nitrate-based pump product I had, and I loved it. Couple that with a nice 6g dose of L-Citrulline, and you’ve got some nasty pumps incoming. The 3.2g of added beta-alanine in FullBlitz are also nice, meaning I don’t have to dose it separately during the day, and the same goes for the betaine.

As for the new additions over FullBlitz, I find the caffeine amount to be perfect. It’s right where I like my caffeine to be when there are not exotic stims, which is somewhere in the 300mg ballpark. As for the DMAE, this was my first time taking such a hefty dose. A-GPC and other choline products give me more of a tunnel-vision kind of focus, but the DMAE gave me a more in-the-moment kind of focus if that makes sense. The yohimbine is also nice, I’ve never had adverse reactions to it, so it is always a good addition in my eyes.


Can’t wait to read as you continue to use it more man

Appreciate the honest feedback

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Build Fast Formula Full Blitz Review Opportunity

Two days of use, an arm day and a chest day. For the purpose of easy controlling, I kept my carb and electrolyte intake the same for both of these. No food for several hours before training, but a bottle of Body Armour about an hour prior. This means 36g carbs, and 40mg sodium. Hydration was also good, I have about 6 bottles of water so far during the day at the time I train.

FullBlitz was taken 45minutes prior to training.

As for effects, I can definitely say this was one of those arm days that blew me away. Threw in some forearm work in the middle, including reverse curls and Zottman curls, and the vascularity in my forearms was positively amazing. I kept a nice steady arm pump throughout the entirety of the workout, around 2 hours or so, which is nice as I feel citrulline based pre’s don’t quite last that long. The nitrates definitely seem to span a longer time for pumps.

As for energy, the caffeine/yohimbine is quite nice. Being very stim tolerant though, I may have to add other stims sources somewhere, maybe a cup of coffee 1-2 hours prior as well, on days when I’m just not feeling it. For the regular gym-goer though, this is a good amount.

Focus was great on my arm day (when people don’t talk to me for too long when I’m lifting) but wasn’t really feeling it the next day for chest. I’ll be hitting back here today so we’ll see how it goes.

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Next update, leg day, as well as a back and shoulder day.
Stuck with my body armour theme for these workouts to stay consistent.

Overall, I’m loving FullBlitz much more than VasoBlitz. It’s nice having a stimulant profile, as well as the beta alanine so I don’t need to dose it another time during the day. The stims are a bit light for me on leg day, since I usually use something like Arez Titanium for that, but it was still enough to get rid of the brain fog after hours of class. I’m loving my FullBlitz run, and Grape Bubblegum is such a good flavor. Just need to try out that rainbow candy soon


Rainbow candy tastes exactly like Skittles Candy
No joke.


Update from my weekend workouts:
Back day was solid, the nitrate buildup that I noticed with VasoBlitz is really starting to kick in. Aside from the nasty pumps usually accompanying FullBlitz, there seemed to just be a bit more with it
Same goes for arm day, nitrates are giving me wicked pumps and vascularity, and a much longer pump than I’m used to. Energy is very consistent, and thank goodness for the extra kick of yohimbine. I’m really a fan of DMAE now from this product, and definitely gonna look into it more in the future


Everyone who has picked it up has loved it. So glad to see you continually enjoy it. keep the updates rolling.


The hype is real with this one. Glad to see everyone else is enjoying FullBlitz as much as I have so far


Post up a small review if you get time.
Would love to see how it is treating you in a fasted/fed state and your overall thoughts.

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Leg day was an absolute killer. Had about 84g carbs prior and 100mg sodium. Absolutely nasty pump. Energy just wasn’t really there, but the DMAE focus is what pushed me through my workout.

As for arms, this is my favorite to train with FullBlitz. Nitrates are just too killer when it comes to pumps. Energy is much much better on these smaller muscle days. Much better pumps with the sodium and carbs as well.

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How are you dosing?
2 scoops full Blitz?? Are you doing 1/1 full and Vaso?

Curious to see how you set it up


2 full scoops FullBlitz about 40 min before lifting. I always allow extra time when using nitrates.

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How soon before that is the meal?
Just trying to put together feedback from all the loggers and reviewers and find what is working best for future customers who inquire

All feedback is good feedback

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Copy that, my light, Body Armour doses are about an hour prior. The larger meals, where I use oatmeal mostly, are about 2.5 hours before.


Came down with a cold so took a couple days off. Will update again soon

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Body armor?


I was thinking the same thing.

That product is doing really really well.

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Similar to Gatorade, but I prefer the flavors and mouth feel wayyyy more

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Just making sure it’s what I’m thinking of. I consider gatorade / powerade a necessary evil on occasion bu I’ve hated how poorly formulated they are as the iconic sports drink. Body armor has been my thing ever since they came out with the Lyte version and I’m glad they’re winning.

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the lyte Blueberry Pomegranate flavor is excellent