Anthony’s C4 Smart Energy Review

I won the last C4 Giveaway in the form of a case of the C4 Smart Energy in Freedom Ice, so this is my post to review it!

Absolutely stellar, 10/10, Freedom Ice Smart Energy is my #1 RTD on the market currently. The only thing that comes second is the Smart Energy Black Cherry. It’s especially nice to have a few in the fridge for a hot summer day like we’ve had here in Pittsburgh recently.

Effects: While I’m a stim junkie at heart, even I know that you need to take a break from caffeine from time to time. I try not to do absolutely stim-free days when I cycle off, opting for using 50% of my usual dose for awhile; I’ll either have coffee or energy drinks to fill the gap. These cans are exactly there with 200mg of caffeine, which makes them perfect for my use. I’m sure this caffeine amount is enough for others who are more moderate with their intake as well. The added Citocholine and NALT make the Smart Energy line more appealing to me as opposed to the regular RTD’s, as they help my concentration during my workout. They’re also very useful as a pick me up on long school days, which will be starting back up sooner than I’d like to admit.

Overall, I’ve never had a C4 RTD that has disappointed, and these lead the pack for my personal preference. Thanks again for picking me for this giveaway! @stad0203


Great details! Love it!

Freedom Ice is my #1 C4 flavor, glad you enjoyed it!!!


Great review
This flavor is tied with Peach Mango for my favorite right now


Huge fan of these…I’m a cotton candy guy myself…will have to try that flavor though…

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