ANS Performance RITUAL Review – The EVERYTHING Pre Workout

Your new pre workout Ritual is here. When ANS Performance released the ingredient profile on their new pre workout supplement, RITUAL, it almost seemed too good to be true. It was not. Quick Note: We have a free tub of Ritual for next week’s contest! Get on our newsletter by …
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Does this product have anything in it like Jack3D that could be harmful?

Well, the jury is still out on dendrobium. There's really not a ton of safety research on this stuff, at least not for long-term consumption. It "seems safe" though, when not adulterated with other nonsense.

But note that this product has stimulants, and stims will generally elevate your heartrate and raise blood pressure.

Also, there's PEA, which should NOT be mixed with certain prescription drugs (like MAO Inhibitors). It depends on who you are and how your brain functions.

Overall, it's a pretty powerful supplement with a few new ingredients. If you're worried about safety, stick to one scoop or go for something older that's a bit more benign.

That said, it doesn't show any effects like DMAA does... and if you've used a few other pre workouts and want the next level, this could be it.

Mike, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

I used jack on and off for 2 years and then heard that there are some harmful things and strong stimulants in it that kind of scared me - I don't want heart problems when I am older.

My focus for working out is wellness along with performance, so I don't want to ingest anything into my body that may throw off its balance and rhythm or effect me in the long term.

Obviously it's all in moderation and within cycling of stimulants.

If you're looking for something relatively safe for everyone, Jack3d Micro could fit the bill. The added stimulant is norcoclaurine HCl (also known as higenamine) which has been shown to be very safe, and it has 125mg caffeine per scoop, so you know what you're getting there.

Basically, it sounds like you don't want anything that the "kids are clamoring for" right now. Take a step back from the hottest new thing and go with some of the "mid-level" stuff like Jack3d Micro, or a scoop of Neurocore... Jim Stoppani's Pre-JYM formula (3/4 scoop will get it done)... the new MusclePharm Assault looks solid and doesn't have a zillion stims. Stuff like that.