ANOTHER Muscle-Elements Promo -Thermo time

ANOTHER Muscle-Elements Promo -Thermo time


We know how much the fine folks here at PricePlow love us so we want to give back to the community. This time a logging Opportunity for our Powdered Thermo 212, recently rated a Top 3 Non Agressive Fat Burner by PP.

212 is a lower stim thermo, 200 mgs of caffeine with all the necessary things to help increase thermogenesis with out having you crawl out of your skin.

We are looking for one person to run a 10 day log for us as it relates to flavor, overall feeling and whatever else you would like to include, workout, meals, picture of your favorite dog etc.

Answe these simple questions…

  • US Address?
  • Currently logging any other products
  • What flavor(s) would you like to try?
  • Million dollar question - who is the best athlete in your opinion, can be from any sport, current or past and why?

Good luck and let’s have some fun


Oooh, am very interested in seeing the responses to this… :thinking:


US Address? Yes
Currently logging any other products : Nope
What flavor(s) would you like to try? Hit me with the tropical flavors, Coconut Lime or Pineapple.
Million dollar question - who is the best athlete in your opinion, can be from any sport, current or past and why? I’m going to go with Bo Jackson. This guy was a heisman winner and an all star in two major sports. Who knows how much more impressive his legacy would of been if he never injured his hip.


Eh, why not I like flavored stuff.

Sort of, its on hold since it hasn’t given great results and I think I know why looking at the science.
Sour gummy, orange crush, candy apple or america pop. All 4 of those look like they could be good, I’ll pass on the tropical stuff.(besides I’m going to Hawaii in 2 months)
How much can I stretch the definition of “athlete” and “sport”?
Ok my dad at chess, because of him I almost always open with the scholar’s mate, or some variation of it, and its kind of defined my aggressive/witty play-style.

Now if you are giving me open reign Donald Trump, for his excellent counter’s and distinct “have so many openings no one actuly stay focused long enough to land a punch”

Seriously during the debates he was wonderful, think what you want about him as a president but the debates had some funny moments.


And yes my answer is stretching it kind of ridiculously, I don’t follow sports much.


Lol Donald Trump for competitive eating. Apparently he eats McDonald’s every day, but is in “Phenomenal Shape”.


Yes US address!

Not logging any other products.

I honestly enjoy almost any well done flavor, it’s hard to choose. I’d probably get something tropical if I’m paying though.

I don’t really keep up with sports of any kind, so that makes it kind of tough. The first one that comes to mind is actually Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s probably one of the most famous people on earth, yet so few people know anything about or anyone from bodybuilding. Being able to come from an unknown sport and become a household name is super impressive to me.


@Christianmelon Trump, definitely not a response I would have gotten.

TBH, he would have been a great wrestler as he certainly did know how to entertain the fans with his verbal battles



@Mike #awesome


Yep, that moment was great.

He is an amazing shit talker.
Sadly he’s shit talking North Korean dictators.


Not really. He’s really shit talking the fat boy’s puppetmasters. Haha and this thread may need to be spun off into the Watercooler if Team ME wants :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well hey it keeps their thread on top, not that it really needs help.


Ring a ding ding

Anyone else? Can’t go wrong with any flavor

Coconut Lime is a.newer flavor and to my knowledge the only one


Mike, did you alter that video? I seem to remember there being a CNN logo somewhere…LOL


US Address? >> Yes

Currently logging any other products >> No

What flavor(s) would you like to try? >> I think it would be easier to say the flavor I am least interested in and that would be orange crush. All others sounds amazing. Would lean towards either sour gummy bear or America Pop.

Million dollar question - who is the best athlete in your opinion, can be from any sport, current or past and why? >> In my opinion, this would have to be Michael Phelps. You can’t argue with Olympic medals. Most decorated Olympian of all time with 28 medals, 23 of which are gold. While I don’t agree with some of the decisions he has made in his personal life, his swimming career is second to none and likely will not be surpassed in the next 100 years.

Thank you


I show the OG! CNN one’s out there. They even went so low as to dox the kid who made it. That kid deserves some PreCre :wink:


That coconut lime sounds interesting
Best athlete has to be LeBron James size, strength, and speed. There has never been a human so gifted that I can think of.


Who’s ready for a winner?



(Apparently there is a 10 character minimum)