Animal Pump Review

Animal Pump Review

Gonna be trying this bad boy out. Stay tuned!


oh nice, is that new?


Its a beta test you had to sign up for it through their social media


did they disclosure the ingredients to you? or did they make you sign a waiver?


They gave ingredients, and total dose weight. Not individual amounts. I’ll find them for you real quick



Nice! Had a fun talk with Jason from them last month. They’re going to be stepping stuff up nicely.

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Looking forward to it. They’re a classic brand but unfortunately I feel like they have fallen quite far behind

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Hope that green apple is tasty

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I’ve supported them for the content that they bring and the experience they give consumers. If the labels could open up and formulas improve I think they can rejoin the race. They have such a cult-like following but information on formulas is so available that young consumers are no longer solely influenced by what product their favorite athlete takes

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I don’t care what anyone says - the Animal Snak bars are still my favorite.