Anavite and 1 Andro?

So has anyone heard anything more from #gaspari-nutrition about Anavite containing 1 Andro? Rich just barely came to the store I work at to do a training a week before this, and they said multiple times how great it was. Rich even winked at me when he said it. Has there been anymore testing on other bottles?

I haven’t heard anything on it in the past few days. Shouldn’t be taken lightly IMO.

I hadn’t heard this. Curious what was heard? Seems like kind of a silly thing to do as the Andro should be cycled carefully while a vitamin would be taken consistently.

I saw some speculation about this on another site but sometimes mistakes happen. The facility that produces their supplements is more to blame then the actual company. There’s always a risk of spiking no matter what brand your dealing with. Especially if they product like both of those.

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Paging the Team at @GaspariNutrition - What’s the official statement?

Jared said he’d have something for me by Monday (November 6th) but I’m not sure if that’s regarding this or is more about the DMAA and FTC cases. I need to get on the phone with him this weekend.

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Ultimately, I think what all Hi-Tech-manufactured products need a label warning saying something like,

“This product was manufactured in a facility that processes WADA-banned substances”

…(or similar). That may have saved a lot of heat.

Great idea. The problem with these natural organizations, they ban practically anything! The only thing you can take with these organizations are protein, caffeine, and creatine. Everything else is pretty much a gamble…LOL

Can anyone guarantee we get 1 Ando in Anavite? Or did they change the formula? I raised the question earlier however nobody responded. Anavite is 30 buvks right now so i would like to score some if it has 1 Andro in it.

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I wouldn’t bother with this idea. Anavite has so many users, if it was dosed strong, it would have been discovered sooner.

In this case, if there was any truly found, it was likely trace amounts in the form of cross contamination - obviously not good - but not enough for insane results. Just enough to pop an ultra-sensitive test???

Unfortunately, USADA doesn’t release lab tests, and given the shady hatchet jobs they’ve funded, I trust them zero percent as well.

If you want low-dose 1-Andro, my suggestion would be Hi-Tech’s 1-AD

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Not sure what you’re expecting any forum reps for Gaspari Nutrition to say on the matter when its an ongoing legal battle at the moment and none of the forum reps are full time employees for Gaspari Nutrition, nor are they a part of the legal team for either HTP or GN.

I’m sure if you’re planning on speaking with Jared, he’ll have some insight into it. Until the legal case is completed, there’s nothing any of the rep team is going to be able to comment on, the same as when any company is embroiled in a legal dispute.

Also, for those who haven’t been reading court documents, nowhere is there a claim that Anavite has 1-DHEA/1-Andro in it despite their lawyers seemingly insane inability to differentiate between different compounds. WADA and this legal case both claim there to be 1-androstenedione, which is the original 1-AD and VERY different than currently sold/produced 1-DHEA/1-Andro… If one wants to think HTP has a contamination issue, they’d also have to assume (you know what happens when you assume :wink: ) that HTP was manufacturing products with 1-AD and not 1-DHEA, in order for there to be claimed contamination issue. Why in the holy hell would HTP include 1-AD in products, when it was already banned, and carries with it the same penalty for use as all other CIII steroids like trenbolone, dianabol, or cheque drops? If you’re going to spike something, may as well go big amirite?

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that Jared knows how to play the game. I see absolute zero reasoning behind him using 1-AD in any of the products he sells, and just as low of a reasoning on how there would be cross contamination considering how seriously they take manufacturing regulations.

Time will tell what comes of this case. In the meantime, no, there is not “official word” coming from any forum reps, as the only “official word” can come from Jared and/or Rich.

edit: I claimed WADA above, but meant USADA


Holy crap this is what I missed during our birth and stuff. I need to look at those legal docs ASAP.

I’d have a very hard time believing that y’all have the OG 1-AD anywhere near your facility.

Also, I have zero trust in any MMA fighter who just popped on a test. Let me look at that legal paperwork agian.


Professional athlete gets popped for using an illegal/banned substance. Claims they use “tainted” over the counter supplement to hide what they were really using. Shifts blame elsewhere … everyone goes down the rabbit hole trying to find out what could be in the tainted supplement … only to find out later that the professional athlete wasn’t all the way truthful in their statement.

Not saying this is the case here (*wink) but anyone who has been around this sport long enough has seen this before. A lot.


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There are some REALLY weird aspects to these claims.

#1 - It’s a Nutrabio athlete. Think of that as you may.
#2 - USADA and Lyman claim it was tainted with 1-AD, not 1-ANDRO, two semi related, but easily discernible compounds when viewing them on a HPLC. Again, 1-AD is already a controlled drug, so it carries with it the same legal ramifications as any other CIII drug. If you were looking to spike supplements, why would you use a “weak” hormone when you can use so so so many other more powerful compounds that are even less popular, and therefor less likely to get “found”? I can think of literally a dozen + compounds that have more anabolic activity than 1-AD that are far more rare and would be much less likely to show up either in a random test or someones urine testing.
#3 - Lets for the sake of argument say “hey, maybe there was cross contamination” (I do not believe there was). In order for someone to intake enough 1-AD (again, this is the claimed culprit) to actually piss hot, they would need far more than just a few mg a day. Remember when people were using 1-AD back in the day? It had to be dosed HIGH to see any legit effects. So lets play some mind games here and say there was a 1% cross contamination (which is VERY VERY high when discussing contamination levels) that would equate to 36.22mg/day. Then lets review any literature on conversion rates and you’re looking at a MAX of 15%. So 36.22mgx.15 = 5.433mg. Yet when looking at the documents, there is no discussion of the piss test showing “hot” for 1-Testosterone, the MAJOR conversion target of 1-AD. They claim there to be 1-(5a)-androsten-3a-ol-17-one…so a metabolite of 1-AD is found, but no 1-Testosterone? How?

Listen, I’m no lawyer. I’m not involved in the manufacturing of Gaspari nor HTP products. However there appears to be FAR more to this case than what we’re all being provided with at this time.

OK, I’m on PACER now, but the only file I can find regarding Lyman Good is his lawsuit against Millennium Sport Technologies:

And in this case, they’re also saying there was 1-androstenedione (not what we refer to as “1-Andro”/“1-DHEA”).

So how can you blame TWO companies for having it inside? Is it likely that both MMUSA’s Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA and Anavite both have it? Give me a break.

Also, @vaughntrue, one minor thing to call out is that you mentioned 1-AD, but I thought 1-AD = 1-Androstenediol … and in this court case, they’re saying they found 1-AndrostenedioNE. I guess both are called “1-AD” by some people though.

The thing is that 1-DHEA indeed converts to 1-androstenedione. So in order for this to make sense, they’d need to have 1-DHEA inside AND some of it decomposed to 1-Androstenedione. But if they didn’t find 1-DHEA/1-Andro in the supplement, then that makes no sense either.

Just the fact that they’re calling out TWO companies for a scheduled drug makes me think they’re throwing as much shit at the wall seeing what will stick.

I’m no longer buying this case at all.

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We need to get @Extrabeef to confirm, but he was in the process of transitioning to NutraBio right as this hit. I don’t think they are anywhere involved in this, although they may get dragged in.

correct, both 1-androstenedione and 1-androstenediol are 1-AD. Ergopharm offered 1-AD as 1-Androstenediol, however 1-androstenedione was widely available in the 1990’s and marketed the same. PA routinely claimed (and I would assume he is right) that 1-Androstenediol offered a higher conversion rate, however ultimately both compounds convert to the same active compounds, and are more often than not lumped into the same category as one another, being OG 1-AD

That was my thought as well. Guy got popped and blaming a product that may or may not have caused it. Maybe mma fighters should stop buying their supplements at The Vitamin Shoppe LOL😂

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For the record, the case against Hi-Tech and Gaspari, although I got it from another source – my PACER-fu wasn’t good enough to find it myself:

That’s what I’m saying. You have to question the fact that this guy has a lot to lose by admitting he was purposely taking androgens. It’s the same mentality many people have when their arrested or when children are caught red handed… what can I say or do to avoid the consequences of my actions? Blaming one of the supplements you take is just an easy scapegoat. I would think it would be fairly easy and inexpensive to put some 1 andro liquid or powder in the bottle to coat the tablets making them appear to be “tainted”. I’d be interested to see if there were other unopened bottles from the same batch that are tainted.

WADA found other bottles from that lot and they were tainted.

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