An Interview with Brian Rand: Kaged Muscle's "Executioner"

Most of our readers know many of the celebrities in the bodybuilding and fitness supplement world. A great example is Kris Gethin, the man who created thriving sports nutrition brand Kaged Muscle. However, what most readers don’t know is that there are a few good men and women who are …
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damn this is one of the best articles i have read. I have always loved and been a huge fan of Kris Gethin and his work ethic. Makes me an even bigger fan now.

Brian is playing fast and lose in this interview. He says his BCAAs are micro encapsulated. He says that others float on the surface while KM’s dissolve in to solution. If they are “micro encapsulated” how do they dissolved? An encapsulated ingredient can’t dissolve.

Let’s look at the “full disclosure” label. You’ve got the BCAA’s and sunflower lecithin. Nice and simple. No flavor, no color, no sweetener. I have not tried them but they, must be super bitter, like want to cut your tongue off, completely unpalatable bitter. If not, then they are not disclosing flavor masking agents. The sunflower lecithin is used to instantize the BCAAs so they go into solution, which has nothing to do with purity. They may be pure, I don’t know, but that line about part purity allowing them to go into solution is 100% pure, top grade BS. You could instantize lead if you wanted to. Where is that coating that is used to micro-encapsulate? Let’s see that formula again. You have BCAAs and sunflower lecithin. No coating ingredients. Therefore either Brian is lying about the “micro encapsulation” or Brian is lying about this label disclosing everything. Which one is it?

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