AML Pre Workout: A True Muscular Development Style Pre

We recently introduced you to Advanced Molecular Labs (AML), headed publishing and supplement guru Steve Blechman. In that same article we referenced one of AML’s pre workout additives named Power Rep, which uses a combination of Peak ATP®, synephrine, and theacrine to enhance your overall power. While Power Rep could …
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Where do the calories come from? I am assuming AML is one of the few companies who truly list the calorie count of amino acids?

Yeah can't believe we missed that! Glad VaughnTrue pointed it out on Facebook. We've asked AML, hoping for clarification soon!!

cool! ill be checking back. fwiw, I've asked muscletech where they got calorie counts from some of their preworkouts and they said it was from amino acids (betaine, citrulline, etc)

That's probably what's happening. Betaine won't provide calories, but they might be trying to stick to the letter of the law... which is only "sometimes" right. The BCAAs can definitely contribute to some actual "caloric energy", but stuff like betaine and citrulline, don't think it provides any.