AminoFast Stamina Review

Hey folks, thanks again to @Adidasshorts for running this giveaway.
I received the Stamina Series in White Freezie, and have now used it 5 times. I’m going to give preliminary thoughts right now, and elaborate on some topics as I continue use.

As for flavor, this stuff is killer. Nice citrus-y taste. I can’t explain it entirely, but it’s a very refreshing taste. I mix it with about 16 oz of water, and it’s delicious. For those who love mixing their powders with lotssss of water, then this is great for y’all. Even at 16 oz, it’s a very strong taste, and that’s all my smaller shakers fit, making it perfect.

For effects thus far, I find it great for two reasons. One, the carbs give me great pumps during arm or back session. Two, it definitely helps my endurance for leg or chest days, which are essentially my powerlifting days when I just focus on B/S/D.

These are just beginning thoughts. If anyone has specific questions about it, just ask away. Or, if @Adidasshorts needs me to cover a specific thing, let me know. I’ll be sure to post more about it as I continue use. But, my first impressions are very positive.


If you have had a white Monster energy drink, does the flavor remind you of that? I am guessing that is what they were going after with the name White Freezie.

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Yeah, it’s vaguely similar, but without the carbonation, it’s hard to compare. But yeah, that’s likely what they were going for. Regardless, it’s a very good flavor


Thank you @Anthony for the review. It’s a great tasting intra for sure. With the cyclic dextrin, it’s a rather useful intra with more than just basic Bcaas etc. Many users get more due to the CD as I see you did. Any other feedback you have, let us know! I don’t need anything specific.

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