Amino Authority - Dr. Robert Wolfe

Amino Authority - Dr. Robert Wolfe

I can’t take credit for finding this -I just read about this Site on Stack3d. But very very interesting information here.


Any clue how reliable this is? I’ll check it out later.


I’ve heard his name before associated with EAA’s…both he and Dr. Serrano are the one’s that I’ve seen quoted most often when it comes to the use of AA’s. Interesting information.


I sent them an email. Dr. Serrano has stated that you should replace your Whey shakes with BCAA/EAA’s…I asked if that is what they are suggesting here but with EAA’s…


Does he support that with evidence? Because I know for sure there’s evidence of whey being the better choice!


Well he’s trying to say that EAAs are better than protein. However, every single reference is his own research. Take stuff he says with a grain of salt.

Edit. After looking back at the references, seems its a book which has never been published. So he’s substantiating the claims on the website with his own book, which I can’t even read to verify because it’s not out there anywhere. I don’t get it.


Ok gentlemen…I emailed them asking about EAA’s being used as a replacement for Protein (asking for a friend)…and they didn’t really answer the question, but instead pointed me to the product referenced in the Stack3d article here:



$44 for 30 servings of 3.6g of aminos? Fuck that!

Anyway, from SuppVersity:

“ … neither the total amount of amino acids that are obsorbed within 1h from free form EAAs, nor the the utilization speak in favor of EEAs - both have been shown to be +7% and +92% higher with slightly hydrolized whey vs. EAAs (Monchi. 1993),

… nor is there any anabolic benefit to the addition of EAAs or leucine to whey, in fact “25 g of whey is better suited to increase resistance exercise-induced muscle anabolism” compared to lower amount of whey that has been pimped with additional EAAs and leucine to offer the same amount of the purpoted “anabolics” as the 25g dose of plain whey protein (click on the picture to the right to learn more; Churchward-Venne. 2012)”

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Following up on this. I received another email that sounds like they are going to have a full line of supplements. They are expected to arrive at the end of March. If you pre-order your card will not be charged until the product ships. They are also including t-shirts and other swag if you are an early adopter…

Just providing some info…


Stack3d has an update on this:


And a little more:

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