ALRI HumaPro - your protein replacement

I haven’t seen a post here in regards to HumaPro; if I completely overlooked it, my apologies.

I have been using ALRI HumaPro for about a month now. I bought the Exotic Peach Flavor; which I will touch on in minute.

I started using HumaPro because I was cutting. I chose to utilize this product because of its bioavailibitly as it contains all of the essentials AND its ability to sequential delivery it to your muscle tissue. IE don’t lose lean muscle mass as you cut…WIN!

I utilize this supplement as my protein intake in my first meal ( 5G is equal to 25 grams of fully utilized protein). This is my first time trying the powder (the pills were not my favorite), and it is a little “off putting” the first time I took the Exotic peach; leaving an aftertaste, but as mentioned, I take it every day, so it is not a deal breaker as I have gotten used to it.

To point, if you are looking to cut calories, this protein is the easiest way to do so by way of replacing your meat source with this supplement, as it is roughly only .02 calories!

Sounds like the “magic pill” has been found :thinking:


I’ve used it in the past. The Bomb Pop flavor was really good. It’s the age old argument of EAA’s vs. Whey. I believe, from my extensive research (pause for effect) that some people can and do develop Whey allergies…also…an EAA would provide less calories…so not unusual…

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Definitely not a Magic pill as it purely contains all of your essential amino acids as whey does. The difference; bioavailability and calories.

As @SteelerBill13 mentioned; if you do have a whey allergy it is perfect or if you know someone who can’t eat or has an autoimmune disease (me), it’s a positive alternative to not only get protein in, if you have a hard time eating.


try their pills… srs there is something magic in them.

Well, what sort of magic are you referring to?

I know you’re a fan…

Wow .02 calories I see we have no concept the subject.

Here’s a helpful read

No need to be harsh. If HumaPro makes claims, most people would believe they must be accurate.

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Yeah that probably came off a little harsher than intended

I know there is no such thing as being calorie free. I calc’d it to be roughly 6 grams per scoop. Point being it’s less calories than actually consuming Whole Foods. Also, there is a difference between EAAs and BCAAs, but thank you for sending the article.

But if BCAA’s have calories, and BCAA’s are not only part of EAA’s but also make up the majority of the dose, then EAA’s have calories. Not sure if there’s a bomb calorimetry experiment with non BCAA EAA’s, but I’d be willing to bet they have calories too.

No one said there wasn’t calories. Minimal compared to whole food; yes.

In my experience - HumaPro is basically EAAs.


Correct, but you said there were .02 calories, which is effectively zero.

I meant per gram.

Welcome to the forums! Glad you’re here to learn. We all are.

I’ve used HumaPro, but it’s essentially an EAA supplement. Not bad - but there are also egg white proteins available. Not sure if calories are the issue for you - but HumaPro has roughy 20 calories per scoop minimum (the protein blend is 5g of EAAs, 4 calories per gram of Protein, equals 20 calories).

The issue is, 5 total grams of protein is not enough to repair muscle tissue breakdown. Might be a good option to add a “little” protein to your diet, but 5g is not going to help you grow much, if at all. But hey, if you just like the product, then go for it.

You could end up losing muscle if you’re not supplementing with other forms of protein and trying to use this is an alternate to Fish, Chicken, Beef, and whey.

Enjoy PricePlow!


I have the strawberry kiwi and find it quite bitter. I like the label but truly struggle to enjoy the taste. My expectations after muscletech and xtend is that they will taste amazing and this is nowhere close. Usually hi tech does a good job but just can’t enjoy this one

I purposely waited for others to weigh in on this first…

The marketing points haven’t changed for humapro, or any alr product, since the bcaa / EAA war was waged over a dozen years ago. still looks like it’s capable of reaching people. That’s why circles like this exist… So we can help others understand more with no hidden agenda.


apple cider was the best flavor, then rocket pop… some of them are very very bad.