Alpha Testing - Animal Snack Bar (2 flavors)

I was fortunate enough to be chosen to test out an alpha version of Animal/Universal’s new Snack Bar, so I figured i’d throw up a quick review of it.

The only unknown is macros - can’t really judge it in that department unfortunately. Being likely a “whole food/real food” bar + probably protein packed, i’ll guess it’s in the 300-350 cal range, 10-12f, 20-30c, 16-20p?

I received two bars. My initial review will be for this tasty flavor - Peanut Butter, Honey, and Oats.

It’s a little lighter in color than my potato phone camera suggests. The outer shell is clear as day the peanut butter portion, so picture more so a typical PB color.

This bar is fairly soft. It was very easy to break in half and very easy to chew. Honestly a really delightful texture - not hard at all, but not mushy soft.

Here’s a close up of one of the halves before biting into it.

This was after a bite. It’s pretty clear there’s peanuts in here and they add a nice little crunch to the bar.

Overall thoughts:

  • The flavors Peanut Butter, Honey, and Oats are clearly evident. The first bite is a mouth full of PB, then the honey kicks in, and right now I have an oat-y aftertaste in my mouth (literally just ate it now lol). VERY good and 100% a flavor i’d spring for.

  • I couldn’t put my tongue on it initially, but I just realized the inner texture is very much like a cliff bar, but a bit softer.

  • The PB shell can get a bit melty/mushy. This bar was removed from the fridge around 730a, been sitting at room temp since about 8a, and ate it at 12p. It was definitely room temp when I ate it, and I think if I left it in my hand too long, the PB shell would probably start melting into my hand. For how I eat bars, this wouldn’t be a huge issue, especially during winter here in PA, but in the summer I would not want to leave this in a hot car. I know this stat matters to people so I felt inclined to include it.

I’m very happy with this bar. It’s been maybe 10 minutes since I ate it and I feel like I just had lunch… Very fulfilling compared to a normal protein bar.

Next up will be the second flavor I received - “Rich Chocolate Peanut Butter”… Man I’m excited for this one. Maybe i’ll split this one with my fiance. :slight_smile:


Thanks for reviewing here!

Overall, is it anything different or unique? I love Universal and Animal, but there’s so many stinkin bars out anymore

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No problem at all! I ate the 2nd bar on Saturday and will be posting that review shortly.

As far as different/unique… I’d say yes. I can’t say I’ve had every meal replacement/protein bar under the sun, but I’ve had enough to give a fair judgement.

I would say the texture/chew is really on point here. These sample bars were really easy to eat which then, I believe, led to nice digestion. They are very similar in texture/chew effort to a Cliff Bar whereas other protein bars require some effort to both bite into and chew. Off the top of my head, i’m saying this in comparison with: Oh Yeah! One (although these aren’t hard/chewy by any means), Quest Hero/Regular, Muscletech Nitrotech, Muscletech Mission1, Cellucor Corsport, FitJoy, Musclepharm, and probably a couple other bars i’m missing.

Other than that, I have a feeling the ingredients and macros will be pretty spot on with these. The inclusion of actual peanuts in the bar I reviewed, and inclusion of legit chocolate chips in the bar I have yet to post a review on are both really good. My fiance loved the rich chocolate PB bar. She instantly called it a candy bar and she’s a picky one with these lol.

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