Alpha Supps PUMP: Top Off Your Pre Workout with More

Originally published at: Alpha Supps PUMP: Top Off Your Pre Workout with More

In an industry where companies often copy-and-paste their competitors’ work or attempt to innovate just for the sake of saying they did something different, the results can be questionable. That’s why we appreciate Alpha Supps Pump, a simple formula based on a no-nonsense, back-to-basics approach to build a stackable pre… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

If this formula gets such a write up, I’m looking forward to the article on Bloody Hell from Apollon

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The word “synergizes” used incorrectly yet again

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This is an example of a synergistic effect. The sum of the individual changes is LESS than the effect of the combined dosage. Not the same as the combined being greater than just ONE, like this article says.


Graph from one of the studies cited. As you can see, summing arginine and citrulline is higher than the combined graph, thus, it is not synergistic. The correct term would be an additive interaction.


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