Allmax Isoflex protein bars. Anyone tried these recently?

I bought some Isoflex proteinbars and noticed something wrong with 2 of the flavors.

The chocolate almond delight has caramel and coconut shreds (at least that’s what it feels like) in it. 2 bars so far have this. The wrapper suggests there’s supposed to be a white nougat/cream filling. I also did not notice anything almond about it. Seems to be the caramel crunch flavor somehow ended up with the wrong wrappers. A whole box of 12 wrongly packaged? Or is this really what it’s supposed to be?

Got a chocolate peanut butter one as a sample, and there was a really off-putting taste to it, hard to explain. Just an unappealing bad protein bar taste, and also rather bitter. I read online everyone likes this flavor, so figured it was just that one sample. Bought some more and it’s the same terrible taste.

Anybody else experience the same?