About the Supplement Reviews category

About the Supplement Reviews category


Post your supplement reviews here! We prefer to see full tub reviews, not sample packets!


@Mike Pretty much all of my reviews are written on SR.com … am I clear to copy and plagiarize myself here?


Hmmm honestly I’d rather not have you do that, or if you do, please link to the original on their site. They are friends with us, but technically that’s copyright infringement if it’s not cited. But worse, once we make these forums public, Google could poo-poo it as duplicate content.

The link would be cool - I don’t care if people click off and end up there, since that’s clearly their thing and there’s more content there than ours.

@Tommy_Noonan and @Clipper83 may have input


We have no issue if you post links to SR when it comes to reviews. Just got word from Tommy about this as he’s vacationing in Europe


@Mike did raise a good point when it comes to Google search results though. I wouldn’t want to be that guy. I’m thinking for best consideration, I shouldn’t post links to my SR reviews for the purpose of a new topic. Maybe as a point of reference in a reply to another relevant topic. Am I making any sense fellas?


You’re @BigHoop65 - do whatever you want man! I say link up to em as you please.

Once we have a lot of users here, which could take some time, then we may need to switch rules.

My personal rule for an “official” review would be this: I want to see pictures of a full tub that’s been opened, not some sample packet!


I like the idea of being able to link product reviews on in to the site. Are we able to link Anabolic Minds? If not then thats fine as well just wanted to ask beforehand.


Fuck yeah!

But more importantly, you gotta let us know if you’re a brand or store rep so we can flair you up


I actually was apart of the OG Olympus Labs group before school and work got to be too heavy and I had to step away. I do miss it at times but love being able to add back to the community.