ABH Pharma and 2 related companies ordered to recall 859 companies products


more info to come- have already had 4 calls and countless messages about the BS this contract manufacturer has been trying to put out

company list here-

A lot of big names on that list

Thankfully, none that I use…

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Ghost Nutrition- not lifestyle

Dan was upfront and said they BOTTLED fish oil once for them years ago. Had them audited and never used them for anything after that.


Yes, but from who I’ve spoken to, almost all of them say they haven’t used them in years.

It’s been known behind the scenes for some time

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Oh hahaha my bad.

Fake Mike - wrong ghost!

LOL fake Mike.


Evil Mike :joy:

I was expecting that account to die eventually and for him to go back to his real account tbh

still make me laugh everytime seeing that little avatar

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Evil Mike…Spike!


Not a super reliable source but found this interesting