A short review of Quake 10.0

A short review of Quake 10.0


Formula, Its great huge amounts of pump ingredients, 2 grams of peak O2, 3 grams L tyrosine, 7 grams of BCAAs, 2 grams LCLT, its loaded to the brim and great.

The watermelon bubble gum taste how you would except, Its not my thing but doesn’t suffer from any texture problems of other supplements so its bearable.

Great pumps and good energy, its not exotic but you get a nice bit of energy.


Quake is excellent but I found the sweet spot being 2 scoops which makes it a little pricey.


Yep, that’s why the forum went nuts for the $14.99 40 serves deal


I got it when it first came out and it’s definitely pricey when 2 scooping. I enjoyed it overall though!


Anyone have stomach issues? That’s a shitload of ingredients to be dumping in your gut all at once. I often have to double the amount of water I add to stuff like this.


I had no stomach issues through a full big tub of it.


No issues for me either


it is a very good product, i did enjoy the Watermelon flavor, really good energy from it as well. No stomach issues, but i consume a lot of fluids intraworkout.

and i do agree it is a 2 scooper for me as well.


To get the amount of listed ingredients on the label, you have to take 2 scoops. The labeling is kind of misleading.


Quite a bit of companies are doing that these days. That’s why when Quake first came out it was way overpriced. I could just get 2 Krakens who does the same thing on the label for $40. While Quale was running for like $50 or more


Truth, soon we will all need find our Kraken replacement though