A Quick Whey Protein Buyer's Guide

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For the vast majority of consumers, dairy-based proteins taste the best. By far. We’ve been reviewing whey protein for a long time, and have a few general buying tips before just grabbing one. It depends on lactose sensitivity! The alternatives (such as vegetable-based pea + rice protein blends) are improving,… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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Good stuff - makes me feel better about not shelling out for MRE Lite.

Although, when that Pecan Pie flavor drops, I’ll buy it without reading/hearing any reviews!

Ya plant proteins seem better suited to bars/functional foods, the main issue is they are somewhat inferior(not by much) but usually are either the same price or more expensive then a good quality whey or casein.

If you want plant protein I would sooner suggest beans then a protein powder.

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Good point.

But more importantly, I’d like to introduce the man who inspired the post that inspired this post!! The next one will be your idea, @Christianmelon!!

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Probably about to burn another bridge with this one, sorry Mt_Brian.


Most plant proteins aren’t complete proteins. Soy is but it’s definitely inferior to animal protein.

I would agree but as long as you are eating a reasonably varied diet(with beans or lentils) its not a major issue.

Soy it depends on how its processed but I would rank it above some meats and below whey/casein.

Disagree on the soy being better than any meat protein. It is not. It has a lower BV rating and PCDAA rating than animal (meat) protein.

The BV depends on how its processed due to the trypsin inhibitors and other factors
[Biological value of soy protein concentrate] - PubMed
This one finds 82.6(beef is 80)
This one also notes that soy(and whey as (Lactalbumin)) when alkaline treated had significantly lower PDAAS score with soy isolate being reduced from 100 to 49 and the Lactalbumin going from 100 to 67

But properly processed soy protein has a higher BV and PCDAAS score then beef, and a better amino acid profile, beef being very high in glycine relative to its EAA content.

Why do you guys never mention MYProtein ? They have some of the cleanest highly rated protein and better value than most of the premium brands…

Didn’t help write this one but
I recall the flavors they reviewed in the past got rated fairly poorly, they have some good ones but also some pretty bad ones, they are also kind of forgettable and don’t have much of a presence on here relative to nutrabio.

Plus they fucked me over at one point so I hold a bit of a grudge

They have too many choices and nothing we’ve ever tried has been that impressive.

I wish I had time to taste test 10,000 SKUs but I don’t.

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I have been using there protein a lot lately,
Mocha, latte and salted caramel are really good. Being a British company there flavours are less sweet than most of the US brands, there vanilla is extremely mild, they also offer stevia and natural flavours options. While not the best tasting I feel good about using there products in the long run considering the amount of sweetness and chemicals we consume…

I have the 11lb bag of cinnamon roll which I love. Their value is impossible to beat.

I’ve tried almost their entire product line in 2016-2017…
Can’t keep up with the ongoing new flavors, but I do say that their flavoring is quite subtle.
Had my hopes up for their unique flavors like Boston Cream Pie, but meh…

I was told by one of their affiliates I encountered that it’s because they don’t use Xanthum Gum to thicken their protein. “We like to keep it as simple as possible”

But then again, I also don’t like the idea that the affiliate I encountered wasn’t too satisfied representing his company =____=

I find it very amusing they at one point sponsored “The golden one”.
A glorious man who’s political leanings are best summarized by the fact that he distinguishes between “individual jews” and “international jewery”.

Im not against buying protein powders from the more mainstream companies, especially with some sales out there and flavors. But flavoring/sales aside and would it not be easier to order from places like true nutrition? This way you know your getting for what your paying for.

Same here, most of their “unique” flavors weren’t very good. Best I had from them was the salted caramel and mocha.

This is really the answer. American palettes are a damned mess after decades of fruit juices and corn syrup slammed down our throats in our earlier years.


Possibly or maybe the British are just use to bland flavors. They’re aren’t exactly known for great cuisine

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