A few social media questions

A few social media questions


Would it be ok to plug Different Ig pages such as fitness blogs, review sites? And if we are brand ambassadors, can we leave our discount code in posts?


I was about to message to ask as well, so great timing


I need to confirm with @Mike - but you can openly discuss your affiliation. I think for now, let’s keep discount codes off the open forum.

If someone dms you for it, I don’t see why that’s an issue.


Definitely a tough line here.


We just have to let the people know who we stand behind :grimacing: but always keep everything unbiased as well


I think the distinction between affiliates and representatives may be tough for @Mike here. For instance, @Nappy_Nerd is an affiliate for OL, but he isn’t a sales representative for the company, if that makes sense


Maybe there’s a way to add an affiliate tag under the username similar to how you guys have “Team XYZ”


The PricePlow Forum is more or less a free for all, assuming it’s not taken out of control. We may also insert our affiliate links some day, but aren’t doing that now and don’t really have that on the radar.

Happy to add a Team for anyone

No signature coupon code spamming


I will gladly add Team Olympus Labs to my handle :grimacing:. Unless that’s dedicated specifically to the sales/upper echelon of said company


I got it. Well if people message me about my promo code for RedCon1 that’s one thing. I just want go making posts about it. I’ll follow nappy and just put RedCon1 tier opporaror under my name. Or the IG for a review blog I’m helping get exposure. I’m not getting paid for either of these things.