A bit of a content request

With the New Year coming faster every day, I’d love to see some in-depth content (article, list, podcast, video, I’m not picky) about the newest innovations in the fatburner and GDA categories, since the first two weeks of January are the official National I’m Totally Taking My Diet Seriously This Year, I Swear This Time Days. :slight_smile:

I know Robert made a bit of a post on GDAs at my request, but I think it’d be really cool to have like, a breakdown of the Star Ingredients from both categories, what said ingredients do, what new products utilize them best and most synergistically, etc.

Like, Grains of Paradise definitely seems to be a big new player in the fatburner category. I’d used it in cooking before, but starting this year it seemed to explode in popularity in supplements. And/or addressing what you want to look for in a GDA, as some are basically just Banaba extract with one or two extras, while some omit Banaba entirely and have a blend of other herbals, so there’s a wide variance.

If y’all already have something planned for the New Year, feel free to ignore me, just figured I’d make a request thinly veiled as a suggestion :wink:

This would be a great idea.

Agreed, and I bought @Robert a glucometer to take this on and test things against a standard carb dose. Not sure where that’s at.

It’s tough to know what will work best because we’re all different.

In a perfect world we’d test each individual ingredient, but I think the viewers would more appreciate testing the most popular supplements instead.

To further complicate things, there’s different grades of a lot of these herbs. Like berberine can be anywhere from “just ok” to “as strong as Metformin”.

My plan was to use GDAs to see if it could allow me to eat too much protein and not get blood sugar spillover.

We also need to update the Top 10 fat burners, awaiting on DMAA decision in two weeks to see where that’s gonna go.

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