A Better Maca: Lepidamax by Nutrition 21

A Better Maca: Lepidamax by Nutrition 21

Originally published at: https://blog.priceplow.com/supplement-research/lepidamax-maca

Supplements formulated around long-used natural herbs make up one of the hottest product areas in the supplement industry these days. With so many new and interesting products flooding the market, many of them novel and lacking significant research, some people have really taken comfort in herbs with scientific backing. We’ve… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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What dosage for lepidamax?

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2.1g/day. We should highlight that in the article next round of updates on the new clinical data release, kind of critical information!!


Any anecdotal experience with this one, Mike?

I’m definitely wanting to give this a go for wife and I’s second child.


Let’s just say your “wanting” to do such a thing will not be a problem.

I simply don’t feel tired ever. This has been how it’s been since going heavier on the meat in general lately, but seriously, the kid is not beating me down as much right now. I’d put this in one of those “herbal energy” formulas in a heartbeat.

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I’m sold. Gonna pick up some now!


I thought I wanted two, I think I’m good with one lol

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