5 Tubs of Primeval Labs Iso-Lit for $146

5 Tubs of Primeval Labs Iso-Lit for $146


Brings each isolate tub to $29.20 / 2lb Isolate

Coupon: FB35 (35% Off)
You could use this code for anything else from their direct page.


No a bad deal, if you’re willing to take the risk on the flavors


Primeval is very good with their flavors. I had the vanilla and choc mint at the arnold. Very good. I would say the Choc mint is like Iforce Chocolate mint which is top tier to me (if you had it)

I would assume the orange would be carried over from the Orange Cream EAA Max which is deadly good. Legit dessert like.


Not a mint guy, but that’s the flavor that sticks out. All the other seem pretty standard.


Same here. Chocolate Mint/Mint Chocolate is not my biggest priority either, but if you ever had Iforce’s Chocolate Mint its pretty close. A bit lighter due to being a pure isolate. Anthony (Their VP) wanted basic top selling flavors (Vanilla/Chocolate) and a few deviations. Since EAA MAX Orange Sherbet is their top seller he wanted to carry it into their protein since it had high demand.