4000 calories a day bulking

Im 6 foot 2 196lbs and im bulking currently eating 4000 calories in order to put on about 0.5lb a week. Im not complaining because i love my food lol but just wondering if anybody else here has to eat so much food when bulking?

I’m 5’7” and started my freshman year of college at 155 and ended it close to 180 eating about 4500-5000 a day. Admittedly some of it was definitely fat.

You’re a good size. How is your weight increasing per week?

Do you by chance use a digital scale that gives you an estimated body fat percentage? They’re not entirely accurate, but good for measuring fat gain/loss.

Just curious, how old are you and what are your goals? Bodybuilding, powerlifting, CrossFit, or just add muscle?

I defiantly used to eat that much and got way too fat. I learned to stay 200-300 calories above maintenance for the best lean mass building possible. But we are all different.

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