3 tubs of Ghost Whey for $56.97

3 tubs of Ghost Whey for $56.97


For those interested in trying the Ghost Proteins.

GNC has buy 2 get one free
Use code 33626 for $25 off $80

I order 3 tubs plus 1 Syntha 6 Bar, subtotal was $81.97 - $25 = $56.97


Damn, hell of a deal, shame I just stocked up on protein and can’t really justify more right now.


My thoughts exactly. I just ordered a tub of Spartan Whey this morning otherwise I would be all over this


Time to stock up. I love their protein, peanut butter cereal milk and blueberry. Thanks M


If I did not have 11 tubs I would prob hop on this…
$18 a tub when they retail at $40. Insane.


This might be the chance for me to try out the other flavors!


Never enough protein.


That is not including the other tubs I have stored around LOL. I don’t use protein powder much TBH. Usually just when I bake and limit it to around 1 scoop a day. I value my whole foods too much.


This is will be my first Ghost product, bought them based on your recommendation. We seem to have similar taste buds


So in other words
Blueberry, PB Cereal Milk & Cereal Milk?


Lol my exact order


Blueberry, PBCM and the Coffee for me


Only complaint i have with coffee it mixes the thinnest of them all.


Alright guys - after my first experience with Ghost Cereal Milk (where I tasted only vanilla, with zero Captain Crunch), I have bit the bullet and did the GNC deal. Bought Blueberry, PBCM, and Coffee Ice Cream.

Fingers crossed I like it this time around!


I’m hoping it lives up to the hype too, at this price though it’s worth the risk


I tried it and it doesn’t let you use the code.


Your total has to be at least $80 to apply the code add something cheap.

For example:


Oh my bad thanks!


Ghost is good stuff but I didn’t feel like pulling the trigger on this deal. I did last year when it came around though.


You are getting them over 50% Off . Which is a 2x a year deal. If you don’t end up liking I bet someone would trade you for them. If I did not have 10+ Tubs on hand I sure as hell would!