2019 Arnold Classic Results

2019 Arnold Classic Results

Well, the official bodybuilding season has begun. The Arnold Classic was last night. It was a small but good and tight group of competitors. I had either Bonac and Winklaar winning but I was wrong. Congrats to Brandon Curry for the win. He looked phenomenal. He brought a big, massive, but defined package to the stage, edging out William Bonac.
Here are the final results…

  1. Brandon Curry

  2. William Bonac

  3. Luke Sandoe

  4. Cedric McMillan

  5. Roelly Winklaar

  6. Steve Kuclo

  7. Rafael Brandao

  8. Josh Lenartowicz

  9. Akim Williams

  10. Charles Dixon

  11. Mikhail Volinkin


He killed it. Only place Curry goes from here is up.


Yes, I didn’t see a physique like that coming from him this year. I had him placing 3rd at best before I saw the prejudging.