2018 IFBB Classic Physique Weight Classes

Here are the new weight classes for next year’s IFBB’s Classic Physique. Personally, I think its crazy. They should just do away with this division and have Open Building with the weight classes the NPC uses. What are your thoughts ?

This allows the Open to get bigger and Classic to really shine.

I don’t think this is wrong. I’m 6’3 and weighed 255 this morning with abs, and I’m a powerlifter. If I crossed over to bodybuilding and progressed to the pro level, getting down to 242 lean would be just right for this class.

I think its cluttered… Too many breakdowns and gets confusing. I like this simple NPC breakdown with 6 classes…

Bantamweight up to and including 143 ¼ lbs
Lightweight over 143 ¼ lbs up to and including 154 ¼ lbs
Middleweight over 154 ¼ lbs up to and including 176 ¼ lbs
Light-Heavyweight over 176 ¼ lbs up to and including 198 ¼ lbs
Heavyweight over 198 ¼ lbs up to and including 225 ¼ lbs
Super Heavyweight over 225 ¼ lbs
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I mean that’s fine for amateurs.

It’s just a lot more straight forward than having a weight class for single height possible. That is ridiculous…LOL