2 x 2.3lbs ProSupps Karbolic For $15.99

With the recent talk about carbs and pre-workouts, here’s what seems like a decent deal for those who like to drink their carbs.


1600 grams of carbs for $16. Not sure if this is Deals Page worthy @Mike


Not sure either. Would rather take Sweet Tarts pre workout? :candy:


I go back and forth on Carbs Intra. I eat prior to working out and used to love Carbs Intra (insert variety of products here), but haven’t in 6 months to a year or so…I just didn’t believe my workouts were long enough…

That’s a good deal though for those that don’t have Sweet Tarts on hand…

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I vote for the front page for this. 50 cents per serving. I would use a half serving pre workout only. I get the same value out of the Glycoload that I’m very much stocked on at the moment… thanks to the expiring lots going on BOGO lately.