15% Off Everything @ CPBob.com

Everything at CPBob.com is now 15% off till Sunday.

Coupon Code : FNF

:boom:2 Cases of Bang : $35.70 ($1.48 A Can)

:boom:Box Quest/Oh Yeah Bars : $21.24

:boom:2lb Rule1 Protein + Isatori Morph Pre : $38.24

:boom:2lb Rule1 Protein + Quake Pre + Cellucor Creatine : $46.75

Any stack on CPBob.com is also applicable to the discount.

C4 + Xtend = $33

C4 + 2lb Cellucor Whey = $33

And so many more…

I am also running a giveaway on my Instagram @Bkupniewski for 7 Full Sized products + 100’s of samples


If Anyone has any questions before ordering shoot me an email or forward me your invoice after ordering to Bkupniewski@gmail.com

I also have 2 Coupon Codes for $20 off if you are looking to make a $75 or more purchase!


Very nice deals! like always

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I personally got 4 cases of bang today, $70 for 4 cases is crazy cheap. $17.50 a case, compared to walking into a VS or GNC and dropping 25-30$ a pop. Blows my mind people will spend upward to $3 a can when you can get it for half price online.

Man I wish I had a few extra $$ to spend. Holidays wipe my bank dry lol. Four cases of Bang for $78 shipped is definitely cheap.

Giveaway already over?

Yup. It was up for a full week.
Don’t worry there will be plenty more.
What are you looking to grab? Maybe I can help you out on the side?

Shoot me what your looking to order and ill see what I can do for you

I am good like that :slight_smile:

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15% off All top 25 Sellers good through Sunday @ CPBob.com

Bang ~ $20.39/Case
Quest Bars/Oh Yeah Bars ~ $21.25 Box
Bang Bang Stack ~ $35.70 / 2 Cases ($17.84/Case or $1.48 a Can)
Iso Amino - $17/Tub
Hydro Amino ~ $21.25/Tub
ON Cake Bites ~ $21.25/Box
Rule 1 Whey 5lb ~ $47.59
PES Select 55 Servings ~ $47.59
NO3 Chrome Powder ~ $17
Nutrex Outlife ~ $29.75
Xtend ~ $21.25 / 30 Servings

Anyone looking to place an order over $75 I can get them a $20 off coupon
Shoot me an email Bkupniweski@gmail.com if anyone is interested in buying.

Thanks! Love it.

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just got 4 cases of bang for $78 shipped
was on my doorstep in 24 hours.

FNF Coupon Code Ends today (15% off Everything including stacks)
Anyone is ordering shoot me an email Bkupniewski@gmail.com

I may just be in the giving mood :slight_smile: