12 Month Randomized Study on Elevated HbA1c: Keto Diet vs. Moderate Calorie Low-Fat

The [Very Low Carbohydrate Keto Diet] experienced larger reductions in diabetes-related medication use…


… In a 12-month trial, adults with elevated HbA1c and body weight assigned to a [very low carb ketogenic] diet had greater reductions in HbA1c, lost more weight, and reduced more medications than those instructed to follow an MCCR [moderate-carbohydrate, calorie-restricted, low-fat] diet.

Not rocket science. Stop spiking your blood sugar and your average blood sugar goes down :blush:

I was telling someone once that there’s really no reason to eat sugar. And she said “what if you get low blood sugar? Then you need sugar to get it back up.” So I’m like “then you would spike your blood sugar and spike your insulin and your blood sugar would tank again. That’s silly.” I don’t think I convinced her. People are weird.

The issue is that people still think they will die without carbs. Like, they think they’ll drop dead if they don’t have carbs in their bloodstream.

They don’t understand that there is literally an “alternative energy” supply, and it’s readily available in your own freakin’ body fat.

And most Westerners don’t even get to use it right after the second they’re born (or done breastfeeding).