10$ prime day sale

10$ prime day sale


So amazon is offering 10$ if you buy 2 items, one before prime day, one on prime day. Post anything you think is a good deal here so we can get some good stuff.


Current good deals on preworkouts

15.20$ on VAPOR X5(30 servings) muscle tech’s preworkout, stacks amazingly with some bulk citruline

BSN’s endorush 20$, 15 if first time buying
A great beginner preworkout with 300 mg caffiene, 3 grams of creatine, 1 gram of creatine nitrate and 1.5 grams of arginine and citruline

Quake 10.0 16.50$ 40(20 true) servings an amazing deal on an all in one pre/post workout, featuring great doses of pump ingrediants, LCLT, 3 grams of L tyrosine and 7 grams of BCAAs. Along with 350 mg of caffiene and 200 mg of L thenaine
If you get 1 item this is the one to get.


Idk what it is but I have just loved Quake when using it.


Also liked the single serving of Quake that I tried. That’s a pretty solid price at Amazon!


Cellucor SuperHD fire 12.99$ 28 days, The study is a bit fishy and it has mixed reviews outside of Bodybuilding.com, but its about half off here and comes with what looks like very nice packaging.


Did you have the Lemon drop? I had the watermelon bubble gum which I thought was very good but might want to try the other flavor.



Doctors best ginkgo biloba, 120 mg 120 capsule 7$ as an add on item.

Doctors best sensoril, 125 mg a capsule, 60 capsules 7.85$

Doctors best synapsa(the really fancy bacopa extract) 60 capsules, 320 mg 17$

Doctors best cumerin phytosome, 500 mg a capsule, 60 capsule 11$

jarrows KSM-66 11$ 300 mg a capsule 120 capsules.


Thts expensive for Ksm-66, Jarrow is around $11.


Nice catch, changed to reflect the deal.


Ordered the quake lemon drop solid deal under $1 a true serving.


Quake RULES.


Agreed, not the best flavor in my opinion but great formula.


I like the flavor, but between this thread and my comments in the New Supp thread about thinking Performax’s flavors are fine maybe I just have low standards.


Another good deal, 5 pounds of preformix’s gainer for 13$


^^great price but that shit tastes terrible


Yes I did. I thought it was pretty good in 12oz of cold water! I can’t remember specifics of the taste, but I remember not hating it.


Prime day is today. Would be good to use those coupons today fellas.
Post up anything you see worthy. As I posted in the other thread

$15 for 60 scoops of Quake 10.0