Which pre-workout for not working out?

The long and short is that I wake up at 5 AM for work and get home around 6-7 PM. So I need enjoy caffeine to make it through the day.

But because I’m usually not doing anything too strenuous, I could give two shits about citrulline, agmatine, creatine, and what have you. I just want tasty caffeine, bonus points if it has electrolytes, super extra bonus points if it has adaptogens, bolding for key points. Affordability is good too.


I want something yummy and fun bitch


Yeah I make my own cold brew, thanks, not what I’m asking for.

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Haha. The new Xtend natural energy might be a good fit?

It’s got the electrolytes and only a slight bit of caffeine (120mg), which is roughly 2-3 small cups of coffee. I got a 12pk of Amazon’s new carbonated RTD. It’s pretty good, and 12 cans cost $14.

Taste is fire too, but the cost could be an issue. If you’re aiming for a good pick me up in powder form, I might go with a tyrosine/caffeine combo. Maybe try a nootropic, like BrainBridge from Man sports?


Actually a pretty good suggestion except that my experience with them has not been so tasty (I think it’s the alpha GPC, stuff is nast-o).

Xtend Energy may be good. I was avoiding aminos since I fast during the morning, but I could have coffee in the AM and energy/aminos after I break my fast. :thinking:

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So an energy drink?

Essentially, just powder is more convenient since my fridge is tiny and also full. Also energy drinks usually run like $2/pop while PWOs that are primarily caffeine-based are often 50-75 cents/serving.

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Yah - I think that’s the million dollar issue. I’m trying to save money by quiting Monsters. Thankfully I’ve got 36 cans of C4 Orange Slice in my pantry and 24 cans of Amazon’s RTD. Haha.

I agree with Brain Bridge - taste isn’t phenomenal. You could go with the Ghost Legend? Taste is really good - but the Norvaline issue may tear its ugly head. ; )

Bob’s CP White Frost (did I get the name right @TheSolution ?) tastes really good and had a nice fizz element to it. That’d be a good route if you want to avoid BCAAs for fasting.


I usually bounce between a nootropic or energy drink (lately) in the afternoon as a pick me up.

My Top 3 Nootropics (all taste pretty good IMO)

  1. High Performer II - Noowave (pricey, but effective)
  2. Focus XT - SNS (tons of deals out there) (plan to do a review here in coming weeks)
  3. Gamer Up - CL (tasty and can find deals)

For Energy Drinks I drink either a Bang or Raze. Check out Fitness Deal News, these pop up for great deals here and also on Campus Protein via Bob. So you should never pay full price.

FDN - https://www.fitnessdealnews.com/

Buddy of mine used to take Neurocore - Muscletech to help him focus and gain energy for office work. I have never taken it, but he liked it.

Hope this helps.

Not to mention 60 servings of fuel is around 60 cents a serving which is half the cost of an energy drink for better effects and Taste.

Glad I stocked you up on C4 Drinks man. Appreciate your support

Gonna be hard to beat raze at $20 a case if you want added nootropics on top of 300mg caffeine the new galaxy burst is fire

I can also get you Hyde Power Potion for around $1.40/Can which is very cost effective if you want to grab and go

@TheSolution @Matt_Towson CP Fuel actually sounds perfect. Cheap, moderately high caffeine, no expensive other ingredients that I’ll just be pissing out.

Best flavors?

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White Frost = white monster
Watermelon tastes like OG Xtend
Lemon is exactly as described a very bold lemon



Shoot me an email I’ll cover your shipping and get you the best discount for it brother man

@TheSolution , have you tried the new C4 naturals yet?

Serum Code PR3 give it a try. Biohack-Pharmaceuticals-Serum-Code-PR3-Nutritional-Information-Cardiff-Sports-Nutrition

I will be youtube reviewing them soon! Keep an eye out

@Bkupniewski is my youtube

I also have those B1 G1 50% OFF which is under $18/Case at the moment. Best price online.

There’s always C4. Some crazy deals pop up every now and then that @PricePlow catches.

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That actually answers my question, based on your review history lol

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Ever need anything check the youtube. I try to review a lot of things, but sometimes time and money are limiting factors haha. You can always shoot me an email bkupniewski@gmail.com if you have any further questions, want to place an order etc. Ill get you a good discount.

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Spoiler alert for the new C4 drinks… mild energy boost with that slightly bitter stevia flavor. Not bad, but not worth more than $1.50 (for me)

Insane Labz Insane Focus GG might be worth looking into. Clown blood tastes great

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Well what do you expect
they are NATURALLY flavored with Stevia (yes stevia is bitter)
and they have lower caffeine then a normal c4 can (under 150mg) ~ 120mg compared to 200mg from a c4 can

Pretty much have to expect that, and why they are only marketed in such a small area (Sprouts and few online retailers)

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Insane gg is the same as taking a caffeine pill just costs more and makes you look uneducated.

Fuel is on the way. Sent you the invoice