Welcome to the other side

The other side of the world is rough. On this side, I have to buy supplements again! Oh the agony. I suppose I drank BCAAs every day was because I didn’t have to pay for them! Haha.

It was a smooth transition. I ordered via @TheSolution and he gave me some freebies, a free gym bag, free shipping, AND the order was delivered to my house within 24hrs… seriously. Bob made the order yesterday morning and it was on my doorstep TODAY when I got home from lunch.

You can’t beat that.


Welcome to the dark side Matt! It’s a bitch, but as you’ve now seen, @TheSolution is awesome for deals. MyProtein may also become a favorite of yours

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I had their bcaas one time, and I remember how foamy they were. It really turned me off to the company. Any recommended products I should try by them?

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All I am is an email away, you know I got your back man. You support me I support you

BTW —> You have a free case of C4 Orange Slice on the way :slight_smile:

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Their protein is the only thing I would use them for personally. When they have really good deals, you can’t really beat the value, like I got 120 servings for $30. Salted caramel reviews well, and I’ve got chocolate caramel pretzel that I like. Also have rocky road and mocha I’ll be trying soon

LOL if anyone pays for shipping I occasionally send out care packages!! I can’t finish all these stimulants!


I know someone who can help :wink:

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Just triple scoop the Chemix Pre-Workout Bro
All problems solved.

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Sweet, wouldn’t mind taking you up on your offer. I’m right down the road in NB too.

As an unpaid intern working 10-11 hour days, keep me in your thoughts :wink:

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I’m in, I like care packages full of stimulants :yum:

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Contest time @Mike

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That’s a pretty sweet hookup

Olympus Labs B1G1 Free for protein and fat burner

Mocha Mermaid and The Gingerbread one we’re very bland to me. Anyone try the other flavors?

Check my youtube. I reviewed all of them.
personally those were my 2 favorite of their brand. the blueberry lacked blueberry flavor and was much heavier in muffin. The cereal flavor you pick up on the Trix Cereal milk kinda like ghost, but again not as dense as Ghost (Closest thing it resembles). The PB Cups is present, but I would put Sparta PB Cups, Choc PB Isoflex, Choc PB XF 2.0, and PES PB Cup over it.

Everyone has different taste buds, for the price its a good buy for sure.

Remember I am partial to coffee and chocolate, so the Mocha was right up my alley as my favorite.

Yea, I’m usually in line with you on most of your flavor reviews, but not this time. I didn’t like the Ghost Fruity cereal either though.

If you do not like Ghost Fruity Cereal then you wont like OL’s fruity cereal it is very similar IMO. If you don’t have a sweet tooth or like Trix/Fruit Loops it makes sense, since that is what it replicates. Seems like you enjoy denser flavors and not the sweet stuff

I actually love the Sparta Loopy fruits and think its way better than the Ghost Cereal milk and that’s sweet. I just found the OL protein really heavy in texture(I know there’s casein)and bland on taste. Was wondering if the other ones had a better. Maybe Mike”s over the top reaction to these set the bar too high :joy::joy:

Funny how we all have differing opinions. I’m not a fan of Sparta’s grit but I freaking love their CnC. I can’t imagine how good a Ghost CnC would be…

I think I enjoy Ghost so much because the texture and sweetness. Their fruity cereal is awesome but I still think Cellucor’s Iso Pro fruity cereal is king for taste and texture. (For fruity cereal flavor)…plus it needs a good 10-12oz of water and is still super sweet.

Lately, I’ve really been digging Scivation’s Xtend Pro. I think Cookie Butter and Molten Lava Cake are my two current favs.

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