We Can't Recommend This Pre Workout 😞 | Edge Of Insanity Review

We Can't Recommend This Pre Workout 😞 | Edge Of Insanity Review



There’s a humongous thread over at Anabolic Minds. I forgot the name of their fat burner, but that’s what everyone was using. Apparently the panthergy gave euphoria that lasted like 6 hours. Strange how that now the company blew up in popularity (because of AM), they reformulate?


I’ve had a sample of this sitting around for months now. Not sure if I want to take it at this point


They are sending me a couple of samples to try. I may try a half serving to start and see what it’s like


Is there any info on this stuff? I spent about 10 minutes on google and couldn’t find anything besides product ads.


I second this. I tried researching it way back when when I first saw it in CTD’s Noxipro


I looked high and low for this ingredient and even talked to Guerilla Chemist about it, and you can’t find a single freaking thing on this compound. What I can gather is that it’s a glutamate analog that excites the neurons and will give you some increasing motivation and euphoria.

But seeing ingredients used in supps that NO ONE can find out anything on leaves me extremely skeptical of the brands using them…



Good info @TheChadd! Nice, thorough research :joy:

@Robert, glad to hear it’s not just me! But I feel the same, not all too sure I wanna start ingesting something with zero research supporting either safety or efficacy.


Looking at the label, that first blend being 6028 mg, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s split 3/3 beta alanine and arginine, and the 28 is the agmatine. I could totally see a company doing that. Especially these guys.


“Known at Psycho Pharma as the “Kush Feeling” in our products (a mood and focus elevation that can only be compared to something out of this world), the ingredient Panthergy (N2,4 -methylpentyl-iminoglutaricAcid) will have users comparing this ingredient to very high doses of another popular mind/focus supplement”


It would also make me think that if you have any kind of drug test coming up, whether it be for a job, or something silly/dumb you did, that you should avoid this


Well now it’s Eria Jarensis, so you definitely get a good feeling, until the crash sets in…which is where this preworkout really shines. YOU FEEL LIKE A STEAMING PILE OF HORSESHIT. You feel like you’re tweaking, and verbal communication is almost impossible because you won’t stop stuttering :mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask:. Wasn’t a fan outside out of the first hour. It was the worst feeling I’ve had from a pre. I love the customer service they show, and the fact they were kind enough to send out samples to me, but this was worse than the feeling I had from the OD Re1gn dragons mist. At least wth that, I felt stoned, rather than on the verge of going to the damn ER.


Damn, I’m trying to get my hands on some samples in that case. Unless @PricePlowStaff is trying to send me the rest of their tub :wink:
But seriously, what’s the best way to contact these folks to acquire some samples? Their email from their website just bounces for me


I messaged them on Instagram


I’m heading in to film tomorrow finally. I’ll try to remember to steal a bunch of stuff to send out to our finest forum posters like yourself!


Yeah no thanks, that sounds awful.


Checking in! :grimacing:


Well usually when you use a product named insanity from a company called psycho it’s not going to be a good day :slight_smile:


True, but there has to be a line. I made this comment earlier to someone when I said “If you two scoop something like this, you’re no better than someone who eats tide pods”