WARNING: SPARTA Nutrition is about to CHANGE the Game

WARNING: SPARTA Nutrition is about to CHANGE the Game

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Where is the “We are Sparta” 300 Movie meme when you need it?

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I’m stoked for this rebrand. Especially excited for Kraken black. Just really hoping they don’t take away the goodies like Vaso-6

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There it is!!!


Kraken black won’t have VASO-6, but the black label version does. Kraken pump will have it as well. You can view them on their site right now

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It looks like their Kraken Extreme will have Vaso6 as well. I’ve never used it…but was just on their site…Crazy labeling…


Kraken extreme is the “tame” version lol



It looked ok to me…didn’t realize they went well beyond that…Although I believe I read that here…


They have the Kracken, black label edition too. More stim heavy than the extreme

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Love the big PEA dose. Kraken Pump looks much nicer now too

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I just want to try some of the protein. Waiting for it to go on some kind of sale.

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I’m willing to buy their products on bogo :slight_smile:


It’s being released, the intro sale will probably be best, plus they have a payment plan option

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Does anyone know/have samples? Kraken Extreme looks interesting. Not a ton of caffeine and appears to be a good formula. I attempted to ask via their chat but that was a bit of a disaster…the same message kept popping up even after I asked my question.


I’ve never seen samples from them, also they just went live with the new line and no sales :neutral_face:

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You have $7-$10 per weekly/bi-weekly payment option…makes budgeting on my end simple


They just launched less than a couple hours ago. They will probably make samples of the pre and the such in the future, who knows. I wouldn’t expect them to do that with the protein though


Oh I know. I was perusing their site this morning.

The formula for Extreme looks interesting. I’ve used the C&C Protein before. Just curious that’s all.


I want to try the Krispy Krunch flavor of protein. Apparently they tweaked the protein flavors a little bit so they don’t have a gritty taste? I never noticed the grit before but people were reporting that


Funny enough that is the one I was just looking at. Is that Chocolate Peanut Butter?