VMI Sports Protolyte Availability

VMI Sports Protolyte Availability

I ordered a few tubs of Protolyte Isolate from VMI own website.
A day later, the order was cancelled and the payment refunded.

I tried to contact them to know what the deal is, but no reply.

Does anyone know if VMI still making Protolyte Isolate? They still show it on their Instagram page.

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Was it the chocolate PB flavor?

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Yes, among other flavors.

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I just spoke with the CEO, Tom.

He says they’re stocked - and he isnt sure why that happened.

Can you get me the order number?

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Name dropper

That is why I’m surprised.
ORDER #5289

Are you overseas (from the U.S.)?

I was told your order triggered a bunch of fraud alerts and was placed from Saudi Arabia.

Don’t be trying to rip off my friends at VMI. ; )

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Don’t be an asshole.

I paid via PayPal, and they held the transaction for 72 hours before processing.

Not trying to be. Thought the winking face helped clarify that. I would just try again with a credit card.

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