Velositol Increases Exercise Performance: New University Study Previewed

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Velositol, dubbed “protein’s perfect partner” by supplement developer, Nutrition21, was recently studied to determine its effectiveness. Researchers tested the ingredient alongside a suboptimal dose (15 grams) of whey protein to see to what extent it enhances muscular strength, lean body mass, exercise performance, and whole body protein balance. Volunteers consumed… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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Nice work Dr. Z…

Interesting study…

Some info for you @Matt_Towson

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Just read over this study since it was also posted on LinkedIn:

“These findings showed that the addition of Velositol to whey protein significantly increases performance outcomes, such as squat strength, reps to failure, vertical power, and vertical jump height,…"

Performance outcomes? Are they stating that as a result of better recover and MPS that in turn your performance in next training session increases? Just curious…

Somewhat. They’re saying that performance increases gradually, with results becoming significant enough to see after 4 weeks of the supplementation

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Thank you Anthony…makes sense.