Vein Nutrition – The Stimulant-Lover's Supplement Company

Vein Nutrition – The Stimulant-Lover's Supplement Company

So many supplements, so little time! This industry is swarmed with new products and companies every day, it’s difficult for consumers to know which ones are worth checking out, and which ones are best left untouched. That’s where we come in to help! We’ve introduced some stellar up and coming …
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Looks like people who bought their PWO weren't getting the right scoop size and were actually taking DOUBLE doses:


This means people taking Bloodshot were ingesting 240mg of DMAA (10 times what was in original Jack3d) and 400mg of caffeine. HUGE red flags here.

1. That's dangerous as all hell
2. The products were underdosed to the point where more people didn't notice
3. They weren't being produced in a GMP facility
4. Vein Nutrition, by their own admission, had NO QA standards in place

Love y'all but y'all gotta stop hyping these rando fly by night companies just because they're buying raws from Jared.


Wow thanks. We'll post that to the top of this. Regarding the last sentence - maybe you're right, but there's no way we could have known that given that we posted this on 4/24 and the press release went out at 4/28.

For what it's worth, we DO weigh out scoops and the entire tubs in our YouTube reviews. But point taken. Before talking new brands we gotta put them under more heavy scrutiny.


Hey Mike, we actually called Robert yesterday afternoon after going back and forth with the manufacture during the day to fill him in and keep you guys updated. I asked him to relay the message to you, but maybe since it's the weekend he hasn't gotten a chance to get with you? Happy to fill you in directly if you want to reach out. Thanks.