VasoBlitz Blue Raspberry Log

Well, good and bad news. Good news is, I opened up my tub today and was blown away by the blue raz smell. Vaguely reminded me of C4 Blue raz, which immediately took my back to my early days of lifting when I used a 60 serving tub of it for two months straight. Crazy how a smell can invoke such strong memories, eh? 2 scoops in 10 oz of water was perfect. Amazing taste frankly, which is good, and was likely easy due to the lack of stims. I enjoy the spirulina for a natural blue color, good call there. Mixed up perfectly with a couple shakes in my blender bottle and we were good to go. Drank it surprisingly fast as I was in a hurry to get down to my hotel gym and see how it would go.

Bad news, I get to the proclaimed “well-equipped fitness center, and it’s a leg extension machine, a lower an extension machine, and an ab crunch machine. All of which, are broken and missing the pins for selecting weight. In addition, it was freezing and I was in a cutoff. So, until I leave the Mopar Nationals here in Columbus on Sunday, I sadly won’t be able to start the log. Sorry @Buildfastformula for the delay, but I’ll begin a dedicated training log as soon as I’m back

Hotel gyms SUCK

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Leg extension DTP style! Compliments of Kris Gethin!

We’re back boys! Literally; today was back day. Two scoops Vaso-Blitz plus a caffeine pill (100mg ER). I was quite impressed with the pump from this bad boy. I was a tad sluggish from the lack of stims I’m used to, but I quickly got picked up as I got a good pump. Speaking of, it was a hella good pump, comparable to my usual stack for pumps, which includes 5g citrulline, agmatine, and Vaso-6. So, I’m very impressed with how such a short label stacked up against my usual attack on pumps. Looking forward to seeing how these nitrates start to build up.


Monday is international chest day folks! Lifted later in the day so no other stims were necessary today. Lift went great, awesome vascularity, which is generally pretty hit or miss for me on chest day. I didn’t notice any real difference in the pump in my chest, it felt about as full as usual. Also, a great thing as I’ll say again is the flavor. It’s such a welcome change to look forward to your preworkout unlike the one I was using just before this.

Should I keep taking my daily 2.5g betaine while on this?

Vasoblitz already has 2.5g Betaine which has been scientifically studied, so you are good to go with just using your Vaso


Day 3 - Arms
Unique experience for me here, since I absolutely hate doing arms. I feel like once I reach a peak pump, I can’t sustain it like I can with other body parts, causing my lifts to be substantially shorter. I only train them once a week since they get worked on my 2 chest and 2 back days as well. But, with VB I experienced a slower buildup to my pump, but much more sustained and filling than usual. And, probably the best vascularity in quite some time. Not too many pre’s let me see the small veins surrounding the bicep too well, but this was one of them that got even my shoulder veins popping too while just carrying DB’s. Overall, my best experience with the product to date, and my best arm day. See my sick tricep pump :arrow_down:

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Pictures tell a good story. We’re happy to have improved your Arm training day.


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Chest day: getting used to lack of stims I think, only drank a medium coffee from Dunkin beforehand! Absolutely destroyed my lift today, insane vascularity all around. Definitely feeling the nitrate buildup

Thinking I may stack with a Radiate capsule with my usual caffeine to see how exotics affect vasodilation.

Again, leg day is a bitch without stims but it gradually gets easier as I ween off them. Absolutely loving this product, I’m amazed I never tried nitrates prior to this. Not sure how it may stack up to other nitrate-containing formulas, but I adore the way this one is working for me

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Welcome to the nitrate squad.

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Another update, I’ve noticed improved resting vascularity, maybe it’s in my head, but I really think my arms are veinier than usual when not working out. My bicep vein is even showing when I’m a bit chilly. Tried a 300mg Vaso-6 dose with my VasoBlitz and holy hell. That was the singular most powerful pump I’ve acquired in all my days lifting. Nitrates + Vaso-6 are a match made in heaven. I had skin splitting arm pumps within 20 minutes of beginning my first warmup set. Absolutely insane

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Here’s a fun one: 2 scoops VasoBlitz, two scoops Off-the-Chain. Back & Shoulders here I come