USPLabs MaxREPS – Pumps on top of PUMPS!

USPLabs MaxREPS – Pumps on top of PUMPS!


Well hell’s bells… USPLabs recently announced the release of a brand new stim-free pre workout that was assured to set the lifting world ablaze, following on the release of Modern PRE. Not much was known except that it was going to help maximize your workout experience. Well, the day is …
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Is USP choosing to use the NO3T version of arginine nitrate? I thought those trademarks were cancelled? How much is the difference in cost between a patented version vs open version? Example, purchase 100 gram beta analine, or 100 gram carnosyn. Please explain.


I wonder how much this is gonna cost... If it's below the 35 dollar mark, I'll make sure to give it a try!


ok, I have been using it for almost a month now, and I can say this formula is not top 5 material, could have been #1 if they would have dropped the 2g of citrulline and used 2g of hydromax. I also would have liked to see Beta alanine and COP added. The price is too high to be an incomplete non stim preworkout. My two cents added.