UPDATED - RedCon1 - Black FR1day Deal!

UPDATED - RedCon1 - Black FR1day Deal!



Free items with $50 purchase ended at 11:59:59pm, but you can still buy the coveted items and get 20% off your total purchase!

—Deal has ended—

This ended Highlights:
$50 Spend -. 20% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY
*Black on Black Hoody
*Hydronator (32oz water bottle)
*Lapel Pin
*Sticker Pack

LIVE NOW!!! Hurry up and get in on it!

Free shipping on all orders $100+
For the items to be free has to be $50+ after 20% discount!


Saw the email! I’m excited for RedCon1’s sale!


Heads explode


Right on! @AaronSingerman loves Black Friday! I’m sure it’s a deal you won’t want to miss!


I know right! Can’t wait to see the rest and the promo video they shot!


I hate when they use a general term like “items”. Are they talking 3 new supplements? That’s what I’m here for! Anyway, are these gifts gonna be for people who order through the RedCon1 website on Black Friday or something?


With 100% confidence I can tell you that these items will be Redcon1 items…(I couldn’t resist)


@Jeremy Yea, when you buy through RedCon1 on Black Friday. There will be a spend limit to receive the free gifts. As far as supplements, there are new ones in the works but idk a timeframe on when they will be released.


I would rather just buy this hoodie :heart_eyes:


Just received an email from them it looks like you will be able to purchase it…


Are you trying to get me excited, because this is how you get me excited :wink:


You will always be able to purchase the item up for the deal!