Unethical marketing

Don’t you gays get pissed off at marketing that’s meant to rip off people who don’t know much about supplements?
This is latest to make me loose it:

Next DMAA and extreme focus. What in the freaking …?
And that high price and low dose.

Wait this is the DMAA replacement they were hyping up a month ago?..

Ya, there are allot of things like this, Hi-tech is a pretty bad offenders in this regard. “anavar”…

I wish the big online retailers would refuse to sell stuff that doesn’t meet certain standards, ie hiding the doses of stimulants behind a prop blend, or having massively misleading names/marketing.

Even the marketing behind whey protein leads people to think that it builds muscle more effectively than whole food protein sources.

Wow that’s just sad. I’m a fan of higenamine but let’s not make a fuss over it. They couldn’t even dose it to 50mg?

What else is in that capsule? Half a gram of rice flour?

That said, we’re hearing rumors of the next legally compliant stim around the corner. Still want to try Dynamine in the meantime


yeah, it’s low and also higenamine has short half life I think. Kind of opposite of DMAA.
Interesting ingredient to be sure but seems like has to be taken often. Still waiting for intra workout supplement with 100mg higenamine. Would be nice to sip on that I think.