Ubervita W700: The Amazon Scam of the Century

The Ubervita W700 fat burner caught our attention long ago because it’s been tearing up the sales charts on Amazon — last time we checked, it’s #3 overall in the “fat burner” category, #5 for “appetite suppressants” and the #9 overall nutritional supplement on the site as we write this. …
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OK priceplow(Mike), you are the best at these informative articles so I have a request, can you look into the nitrate patents and lawsuits? I won't support any companies who pay for the NO3T trademark. I do support hi-tech, I force, and even musclepharm. They use nitrates but don't use the NO3T thermolife trademark.

Good question, thanks Ken. Figured at some point someone would call this out. I will think about it.

First off, as a software guy, I have a pretty negative view of the patent office. Anyone who's taken an overly-expensive prescription drug probably feels the same. The article would likely be slanted.

I also don't think there's a ton to gain besides ruffling some feathers. What are we ultimately trying to do with an article? What do you want to know or hear about?

Speaking as a consumer, I literally don't care about that kind of legal bickering. Just give me a quality, safe product with as much ingredient info as you're willing to disclose (especially about the stimulants).

But at some point we probably should cover this. Just finding the actual ingredient stuff more interesting at the moment.

Thanks Ken!

You're right Mike it seems boring however Hi-tech just won a countersuit judgment against Thermolife and after reading the court information it fired me up to know more.

OK Mike, here you go, very interested reading(although kind of long), looks like these nitrate patents may not be valid. http://origin-qps.onstreamm...

Here is the rejection the amino acid nitrate patents "company x" is suing everyone about, good reading, not worth writing an article because this guy is "lawsuit happy". I am very interested in the products, I just can't support anything this guy does. https://pdf.yt/d/Ut2snHfRl-...