Trying to decide on a pre

Trying to decide on a pre

I 2nd vote @TheSolution recommendations

Let me add Nutrex Outlift Amped… It’s almost the same as iSatori Morph w/o BCAAs. Just in case you encounter a deal for it.


Full Spectrum is great. Got me wired all day long.

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Also nice to see a loaded product like this come in a 30 serving tub.

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I’ve yet to try FullBlitz, but the ingredient panel tells me it would be a perfect pre for you to start with. Add in VasoBlitz too. You’ll have a great experience!


I would love that they change the AAKG for Nitrosigine or Vaso6

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Email me your info.
I will fix that
Read my first post

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Which one would you guys choose between C4 Ultimate (reg. Version) and Pre JYM?


I’d go C4 Ultimate unless you really want some creatine and BCAAs in your pre.

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C4 Ultimate.

Honestly great PWO.


Ultimate hands down.
Can’t wait for the few folks in here to try FullBlitz who I am sending it to!

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Just sent e-mail.


I had a logging opportunity up last week, and I sent out a few more tubs in here and 10 more on another board.

Make sure you check out the boards for future opportunities.


Ultimate, hands down


My personal Faves are:
Primeval Labs Mega Pre Black and Olympus Labs I am Supreme

Some other good ones are:
Redcon1 Total War
Sparta Kraken

And only heard good things about(But never tried):
Nutrabio PRE
Build Fast Full Blitz

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I really like Pre-Kaged, I don’t crash on it like I do with other pre workouts. I think it has to do with the lower caffeine and the “purCaf” over caffeine anhydrous in most other pre workouts. The taste is something to be desired though…


Probably the spinach. Haha. No joke - I gave a run pre Kaged to someone. They took it and got sick, because they had a spinach allergy.

I mean, who honestly would have thought about that?


I actually have to second this. I really enjoyed the couple of samples of presaged I had. The newer flavors were pretty good too though. Did you have the OG flavors?


I have the fruit punch one now and it has a nice initial flavor but then has this like bitter gross taste that lingers. I know I have tried the others (Berry and Apple) but it was quite sometime ago so I don’t remember how they were. I have the berry one coming to use after I finish the fruit one.


I used the Krisp Apple pretty recently, and I was quite impressed with the taste. I would like to try the Orange Krush next. I’ve heard the fruit punch was less than ideal

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That’s what I’m talking about man :slight_smile:

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