Trying to decide on a pre

Trying to decide on a pre

I’m looking for kind of moderate to high stun pre to take on my heavy lifting days. I’d really like to hear y’alls thoughts. I really have been wanting to try apeshit by primeval labs. If anyone has used it before I’d like to hear some thoughts on it. Thanks


My Suggestions:

Build Fast Formula FullBlitz
CL White Warped
Sparta Kraken
Dymatize Pre
Bang Master Blaster
Isatori Morph
Nutrabio Pre
Gat Psychon
C4 Ultimate / C4 Ultimate Power

A very good list of products, if you are looking for more exotic stims such as DHMA/DMAA that may be harder to get I am not well versed in that area because I don’t respond too well to them.

If you want to try Build Fast Formula FullBlitz let me know
send me an email with your shipping information I will send you a 5 Serving tub and a 7 serving tub of VasoBlitz (non-Stim) which you can use to stack with it
On the house man. Just shoot me a small review

[email protected]


To add to @TheSolution list, i enjoy MP wreckage, and Ghost Legend. You also will not go wrong with Fullblitz as he mentioned.

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I would add the recently reviewed Alpha Lion Superhuman.

Can also check out MDRN Athlete PreWRKT Xtreme (

Or LabTech Full Spectrum RX




Nutrabio Pre is always one my first recommendations


I 2nd vote @TheSolution recommendations

Let me add Nutrex Outlift Amped… It’s almost the same as iSatori Morph w/o BCAAs. Just in case you encounter a deal for it.


Full Spectrum is great. Got me wired all day long.

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Also nice to see a loaded product like this come in a 30 serving tub.

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I’ve yet to try FullBlitz, but the ingredient panel tells me it would be a perfect pre for you to start with. Add in VasoBlitz too. You’ll have a great experience!


I would love that they change the AAKG for Nitrosigine or Vaso6

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Email me your info.
I will fix that
Read my first post

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Which one would you guys choose between C4 Ultimate (reg. Version) and Pre JYM?


I’d go C4 Ultimate unless you really want some creatine and BCAAs in your pre.

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C4 Ultimate.

Honestly great PWO.


Ultimate hands down.
Can’t wait for the few folks in here to try FullBlitz who I am sending it to!

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Just sent e-mail.


I had a logging opportunity up last week, and I sent out a few more tubs in here and 10 more on another board.

Make sure you check out the boards for future opportunities.


Ultimate, hands down


My personal Faves are:
Primeval Labs Mega Pre Black and Olympus Labs I am Supreme

Some other good ones are:
Redcon1 Total War
Sparta Kraken

And only heard good things about(But never tried):
Nutrabio PRE
Build Fast Full Blitz