Thoughts on this study?

Thoughts? Chiropractor of mine mentioned it. Have a hard time believing this hasn’t been debunked yet just haven’t looked too deep

It seems inflammatory and loaded based on how it starts. But there’s missing factors. They talk about the types of protein sources and that igf-1 cultivates cancer growth… But there’s no context from other factors like Idk PHYSICAL ACTIVITY lol… Also how they come by these protein sources, how the food is prepared, etc… My takeaway so far

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I am going to guess this is a case of poor health being associated with high protein diets being a significant factor in this. I am not a major fan of studies that have one group with no upper limit, at least one that isn’t set at a much higher level.

Getting over 20% of your calories from protein is not difficult, for someone eating 2000 calories a day that’s only 100 grams, I would have liked if they divided the groups of to say 40%.

This is looking at older/middle aged people, I don’t think us young-ins need to worry as much.


This protein is bad for you myth has been around for years. Simply, not true. And looking just at the title without reading it, comparing eating protein to smoking is absolutely absurd. I don’t give it much credit.


This has been debunked, and of course now I can’t find the reference. Something about in the context of a standard American diet (SAD) and a sedentary lifestyle, it’s bad (but so is pretty much everything else in that context lol)