They Claim To Be The BEST Gaming Supplement... ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ‘Ž

They Claim To Be The BEST Gaming Supplement... ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ‘Ž



Kinda feel bad, olโ€™ boy wrote yโ€™all a whole handwritten letter and got ripped apart, but at the same timeโ€ฆ

sprinkling in 4 cents of actives per serving and charging a buck a popโ€ฆkind of kills any sympathy I may have had for the company.


Anastasis is going to blow everything else away, watch


Yet to try a gaming supplement, but on the brink of pulling the trigger. Winter gets cold, dark and long up here in MN; video games and the gym become after-work habits.

I feel like these guys had the best of intentions initially, but ultimately decided to try and make a quick buck.


I donโ€™t know. Call me crazy or old school but do you really need supplements to sit on your couch?


Competitive video games are becoming a huge industry; in Overwatch, the latest hit on the eSports scene, a 17 year old whoโ€™s known for being the best at his character just got signed for a 150k/year contract. Itโ€™s a big deal.


Oh I get thatโ€ฆbut itโ€™s still puzzling to me.


When youโ€™re at the level of hundreds of thousands of dollars being on the line, or trying to reach that level, youโ€™ll take any advantage you can get. Stimulants increasing your reaction time, nootropics increasing mind-muscle connection for tiny precision movements, etc. Itโ€™s not like theyโ€™re just relaxing with some Grand Theft Auto, or Duck Hunt, itโ€™s an environment where lightning fast reflexes and precision are required.


Gaming is a huge reason Insane Labz is doing so well. Their product Insane Focus GG wouldnโ€™t impress any of us as a pre-workout, but gamers will simply notice an increase in energy from 150mg of caffeine+Ampiberry and say โ€œhey Iโ€™m so focused and energized right nowโ€

I think itโ€™s dumb as well for Vitamin D deficient gamers to take excess stims while drinking Dr. Pepper and eating Doritos, but youโ€™ll see a bunch of companies start to cater to these people. I reviewed Insane Focus, and really, as an energy drink, itโ€™s not bad and cheaper than Monster/Bangโ€ฆ as a pre-workoutโ€ฆ forget it

GG No Re


I second this!


I know itโ€™s big business / nootropics I get


I have RAVE right now. I drink it in the morning on my commute and I seem to get a euphoric / dizzy feeling from it. itโ€™s strange. I liked the Gamma labs better.


waiting on Double Tap from Redcon1. The shipping time is horrendous but I will sacrifice that for the nice discount they give. Just have to plan ahead.


Just ran through a tub myself. May post my review on here. Good stuff for sure, Orange Crush is delicious.


I see where companies want to get into this, but as someone Into fitness and knowing how soooo many gamers are so depleted on vitamins and everything healthy, thinking of them taking a supplement is silly to me.


Itโ€™s a decent product. Itโ€™s a definite โ€œpick me upโ€ product and works well in that department


Our Mainframe and Hardwire are great gaming options. I personally like the fact that Mainframe is a caffeine free nootropic, so I can take with coffee, energy drink, or Hardwire for a killer energized focus stack. Hardwire also does an incredible job on its own.

We currently have a 6 sample bundle with free shaker for only $8.99 s&h, toss โ€œPP Forumโ€ in the notes and weโ€™ll throw a couple extra swag items in.


I do not see this bundle on the site unfortunately. I would order it otherwise


Click HERE

In the โ€œALLโ€ section of the site, the free shipping will apply only if that is the only item in the cart :wink:


Thank you sir! Just placed the order! Excited to try it out