The Team and Story Behind C4 Extreme 2019 | PricePlow Podcast

If you’re going to hate here (which I fully expect) watch the video first.

More (and stronger) products to come from Project Clear Evolution.

Good interview here.
Can’t wait for the other products to drop :slight_smile:

You can please some of the people some of the time…but you can’t…

Still gonna hate :ok_hand:

As long as C4 Ultimate is still available, Nutrabolt/Cellucor has something for almost everyone.

There’s something much better coming


C5 Ultimate?

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Or…C4 Ultimate Super Awesome Extreme…with Kung Fu grip

Old school reference. I love it. And yes I read it.

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this statement has never been uttered in the supplement industry b4…


So what you are really saying is that I shouldn’t sit by my computer and hit ‘refresh’ very five minutes

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Nutrabolt is a great company, i’m sure whatever they have in the works will be great.

i was just alluding to general WWE style of overhyping products.

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Oh I know…it’s the Supplement Industry…they market to the guy’s that want to be in the ring anyway.

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wonder what BCAA he uses


What pre is he using? I need to know immediately.


It’s vitamins and prayers…


Got my 1st workout in with this… did a heaping scoop ( figuring 1.25 )

Chestday was awesome… used glycofuse and sizeon as in intra (full disclosure)

I legit couldn’t be happier, for a 1st time out.

And trust me when I say, I’d tell you if it sucked.

Thanks @burntreality

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