The Most Optimal Pre Workout!? (REVIEW)

The Most Optimal Pre Workout!? (REVIEW)



I have 0 way justifying this over say, Nutrabio PRE or HyperMax


Especially that bomb they dropped when CJ opened the tub and it was 1/4 filled :disappointed:


11 x 30… and a calculator is needed/used.



Solid review. I’d love to try this one day if the price comes down.

I think Eric and the guy from Muscle Metrix came up with Most Optimal Pre Workout…or something like that.

Funny, when you Google “unmatched pre workout” (old Muscle Metrix pre), Most Optimal’s site comes up and’s request URL in the Chrome devtool network tab shows:

Do I get bonus points for solid detective work? lol


Ya, Hey @CJ you can just look at the front of the container, it will tell you how much stuff is supposed to be there. You don’t need to bust out the calculator.