The History Behind Muscle Elements

The History Behind Muscle Elements


It’s Muscle Elements‘ one year birthday! However, did you know that had things gone correctly, it should have been their second birthday? Unfortunately, that’s not how it went, due to several dramatic legal issues from the leadership’s ex-employers. The story is best told by Muscle Elements’ CEO himself, Eric Tomko, …
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I got a big problem with that crap. The very first ingredient is Whey Protein Concentrate. There might be 75% of it and the rest makes up the rest. I want to see that break down. What garbage! What protein powder has 9 carbs in it. Again, what garbage! According to the label there is only almost 57% protein in this product.


Go through this
Protein % is definitely not great. It's also extremely expensive at 24 servings for $44.99.


Actually, it's a 100% open formula and they tell you EXACTLY what's inside and in what forms. They also tell you that it's WPC-80, not some WPC-34 crap. Go read the article about it. I'll update this article to explain that too since I didn't talk about that here.

It's naturally sweetened, but there's some added carbs from sugar alcohols. Some people care about natural sweetener, some don't.